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Redline offers and Snubbing and Well Control consulting services that include the following; Onsite consulting For Snubbing operations, Program design for snubbing operations, fishing operations with Snubbing equipment, critical sour snubbing operations.

RedLine Well Control Inc. has 35 years of direct snubbing experience and a minimum of 15 years of competency certified (Enform) experience on every job site. This combined with of leading edge snubbing equipment is the number one choice for companies that want a safe and cost efficient job done every time.

Picker TruckIn today’s ever changing oil and gas industry snubbing offers the customer multiple options to reduce formation damage and increase well productivity. This is achieved by eliminating kill fluids, expensive well stimulations, costly fluid transportation and disposal as well as many other damaging well applications that would not be used in a live well scenario.  The use of snubbing gives the customer the ability to maximize and enhance the productivity of the well that may be fluid sensitive, under pressured or over pressured. Snubbing can also be utilized very effectively in underbalanced drilling applications.  The benefits include constant pressure control while drilling, reduced cuttings from drilling and fluid damage to formation, also reduced environmental impact that is caused by other conventional operations.

RedLine Well Control has a fleet of 35 MPA/5000 PSI, 4 slip, Class 2 and 3 free standing and rig assist snubbing units that have lifting capabilities of 150,000 lbs of lift and 75,000 lbs of snub force and 12 foot hydraulic stroke for safer, simplified staging of tools and safer tool work.

Redline and its crews are available 24 hours a day. 


Equipment specs:

  • 150K free standing snubbing units
  • 150k rig assist snubbing units
  • 40 tonne knuckle pickers
  • 35 tonne knuckle pickers
  • 4X5 tri plex pumps
  • 3X5 tri-plex pumps
  • 6000 ft/lb rotary tables
  • 12’ hydraulic strokes
  • Full class 3 with office and toilet facilities
  • Light towers 20 kw

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